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 Curtis Careers Student (CCS) was created to speak to an ideal that we all should pursue life as students: humble and willing to learn new things.

CCS is a talent development resource designed for college students, professionals and even entrepreneurs. From personal growth to digital networking, CCS will cover topics that help individuals achieve success and gravitate to their life purpose. These resources are beneficial to building the confidence and skills you need. It's time to truly invest in yourself !!!
  • A course designed for men to learn the importance of integrity and how that can impact their personal lives and careers.

Exploring the Career World_ Covering Sta
  • Learn more about yourself by assessing the passions and motivations that impact career growth. Develop a strategy that will help align your passions to the right career.

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  • Whether you're a college student or a part of a post-secondary space, you will acquire tips in this program on creating a strong career pathway.
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  • Learn innovative concepts on how to connect with others and develop social impact awareness in order to drive positive change and curate strong initiatives.

Connect with me to learn more about these programs for your HS, College or Organization!

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