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Coaching & Consulting

Providing Insight to What Professionals and Companies Need

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Professional Coaching

I am committed not only in helping folks with career development but in self advocacy. I want folks to not only find their ideal career goals and passions but ultimately their calling. A free consultation call happens prior to coaching programs or sessions.


1) Individual + Group Coaching Programs: During 4 weeks, I will work with you in developing a solid plan for success! I will help you with:

*Personal Branding *Resume Edits *LinkedIn Review *Interview and networking strategies

*Life Planning

*Personal Empowerment

Business Consulting

Businesses and organizations can sign up for consulting services where they learn various concepts that will help strengthen current organizational goals and identify new ones. These services will help companies gain more understanding on how rewarding a healthy team-centered environment can bring overall effectiveness

Discover and resolve these specific areas that your company should focus on:


  • Corporate Mentoring

  • Team Identity and Organizational Culture

  • Retention Strategy

  • Race Relations and Equity

  • Purpose Driven Leadership



Employee Workshops: Companies/Orgs can schedule sessions for their staff to help them with their career growth.

Note: you will have access to downloadable strategy material

A business meeting
College Students

Educational Services

High School and College Students need more insight on how to navigate their career path. They also need to harness professional skills prior to and after graduation. These programs help them find their professional strengths and also address growth areas in order to be more confident in their career journey.


List of workshops/programs to choose:

  • Thrive Through Transition

  • Personal Branding and Career Setting

  • Innovative Networking

  • LinkedIn Profiles

  • Interview Storytelling

  • Student Leadership

  • Leadership Development