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We have a membership community. This resource group is created to facilitate connections among professionals, companies and entrepreneurs. These resources are beneficial to building the opportunities and initiatives we. desire.  Reach out to learn how to join!


  • Weekly Zoom Group Meetings

  • In-House workshops and trainings

  • Pitch Sessions

  • Business Showcases

  • Facilitating rooms on Clubhouse 

  • Partnership Opportunities

  • Recruiting Events

  • Discounted Content from Curtis Careers

  • Exclusive One on One coaching with Curtis

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new to 2023!!!

Curtis Careers Professional Networking (CCPN) is a newly formed initiative designed to curate events that will impact young and experienced professionals!!!

Events will b
e planned based on the needs of the location and population!!!

Companies and Organizations will also have the benefit of vetting quality individuals from our membership community!!!

NYC Skyline BW

We are looking for Partners! Please reach out if interested!

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We are inviting companies and organizations to partner with us in curating initiatives for professionals.

Let's get started! 

Current Partners

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Please check out my web shows on Instagram and other platforms!!!

  • Instagram
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  • YouTube
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